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What is Footer? Professional Footer Design Notes | share tips & trick



What is Footer? This is a part of paying attention when designing websites, building SEO standard websites. If expensive readersare learning about this concept, the following article of Vietnix is ​​for you. Immediately read the information under to understand more about Footer website.

Footer/Footer website also known by another na howtomakeis footer. It is the section located at the bottom of the web sheet, and is displayed on every sheet of your website.

The design of the footer for the website is often focused on by the host. Because it helps clearly show the information that the trade wants to send to the audience.

What is Footer?
What is Footer?

Typically, the footer of a website will possess the following information:

  • Address.
  • Road map.
  • Website copyright information.
  • Menus.
  • Links to social networking sites with the sa howtomakemanagement unit, with the sa howtomakeoperational goals as the website.
  • Services provided by the website owner.
  • Email address.

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When designing websites, numerous owners ignore the footer because they ponder it’s not really necessary. Because they ponder it’s not where the viewer is interested, it helps to increase the conversion rate in a useful way.

While the footer isn’t really as significant as the relax of the content on the homepage, it’s also something that needs to be invested. If expensive readersknow how to take advantage, expensive readerscan make excellent use of this part to navigate users, create believe for users. From there, reap a lot of benefits for your trade.

What is the role of Footer for the website?
What is the role of Footer for the website?

In short, website footer is an significant and necessary element for entire websites. If expensive readerswant to edit any element in Footer, refer to this article: Easiest Ways to Edit Footer in WordPress.

After learning through the definition of what a footer is, the role of the website footer. under, Vietnix will introduce so howtomaketips to assist expensive readersdesign your most professional website Footer.

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Footer design is not a simple task

In general, this career requires designers to capture information, pay attention to numerous diverse factors. Thereby creating the most perfect product, pleasing the sheet viewer to navigate it through the category links. This will assist a lot in converting purchasing behavior as well as increasing revenue for the trade.

Summary of the main content of the website in the footer

This is essential for your website. Especially for professional websites in the field of e-commerce, trade introduction.

The main part of the homepage of the website is the put for the owner to introduce the products and services. However, due to too much information, sometimes users cannot summarize and discover what they need on the homepage, the main sheet of the website.

So howtomakenotes when designing website footer
So howtomakenotes when designing website footer

And now the sheet footer can be used effectively. It is designed to summarize the main content. Thanks to that, users can easily cover information, discover what they are looking for a lot more easily.

select excellent photos for your footer

One suggestion for expensive readersis to select a few excellent photos of your trade to put in the footer. It can be photos of businesses, personnel, outstanding activities of the company in a certain event.

It is a extremely excellent thought to assist businesses join with their customers more effectively. Through authentic photos, viewers will get a clear, realistic view of what your trade has gone through.

Overall, a professional footer design makes a lot of sense. It will assist your trade reach, impress every visitor to your website.

In general, expensive readersneed to make certain that the footer is designed with the brand of the trade in mind. Bring your own design style and personality into it to convey the motto and characteristics to potential customers.

The characteristics of the trade that can be expressed through the footer are the main colors, the working statement, the motto of the operation… Besides, expensive readerscan also be more creative to make the diminutive footer beco howtomakegreat. better than that.

Footer website shows the style of the business
Footer website shows the style of the trade

Pay attention to create contrast when designing the footer

Contrast is mentioned a lot in website design. Because it has the ability to create impressive accents, expensive readersshould pay attention to the application of this element when designing the Footer section. From there, create a diverse and attractive feeling for viewers.

To create contrast for the Footer, expensive readersshould simplify the image used. Instead, take advantage of graphic strengths, striking colors to make a difference for the footer and other elements.

web hosting banner

In general, this requires the website designer to possess a lot of experience. At the sa howtomaketime, understand the information about graphics and design to apply them skillfully in actual design.

Currently, social networking sites are developing extremely strongly with a huge number of users. And social network users often possess the habit of sharing information about their favorite products and services on their personal pages.

Therefore, taking advantage of social networks to promote your website is not to be missed. Add social media icons to your footer to drive user behavior organically.

Don't forget to add social media icons to attract users to share your business information
Don’t forget to add social media icons to attract users to share your trade information

According to surveys, the best put to put social media icons on a website is the footer. In this position, it does not distract viewers when learning about products and services. Therefore, make full use of it.

It is human nature to love beauty. Beautiful things often possess the ability to attract the viewer, prompting a radical change in their behavior. And if expensive readersknow how to apply this to your footer design, expensive readerswill get unexpected benefits.

In addition to using images, expensive readerscan cleverly combine colors and icons in the footer of your website. Then, the vivid and specific images will create sympathy for the viewer. At the sa howtomaketime, convey the spirit of trade activities more effectively. Those will be an indelible mark on your customers.

Provide clear, trustworthy information

Footer website is often used to show the contact information of businesses and stores. And of course, this information must be clearly shown in the footer.

Here are the most significant pieces of information that expensive readersneed to hold in mind:

  • What is your company.
  • What is the company address?
  • How to contact the company.
  • The owner of the website.
  • Main services.
Make certain you’re providing trustworthy information in your footer

expensive readersneed to make certain this information is presented in a clear, unambiguous manner. Otherwise, impressing and creating believe with customers will not be possible.

Header and Footer are the areas at the top and bottom of the sheet.
Header at the top of the sheet and Footer at the bottom of the sheet.
This is the key difference between header and footer. Both the header and footer are set to stay fixed throughout the user experience.

Here are so howtomakeelements expensive readerscan consider to put in your Footer:
1. Site map.
2. Privacy Policy.
3. Exposure.
4. Address and link to map/directions.
5. Telephone and Fax numbers.
6. Lead the way.
7. Social icons.
8. Sign up for email,…


Above is the entire share of Vietnix about Footer website. With this information, hopefully expensive readerswill understand more about the concept of Footer as well as how to design the most perfect Footer website.

If expensive readershave any doubts about what Footer is, please contact us immediately. Vietnix’s experienced professionals will assist expensive readersget the necessary information and service suggestions.

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