What are SERP Features? 24 Outstanding Features of SERP Features | share tips & trick
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What are SERP Features? 24 Outstanding Features of SERP Features | share tips & trick



According to so howtomakestudies, if expensive readersare in the top 1 position on the SERP, then expensive readerswill possess click rate about 30% higher compared to other common locations. If expensive readersknow how to optimize SERP, it will definitely bring extremely high conversion efficiency for your trade.

SERP is displayed on the first sheet of Google with the following 4 favorite features:

  • Ads: Ad results will be displayed in 4 positions at the top of the sheet and 3 positions at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Natural search results: Based on algorithms Google will select and arrange the most appropriate results to bring to users.
  • Location (Local trade)
  • Structured data

So SERP Features what? How numerous ways will Google display? In this article, howtomakewill introduce expensive readersto favorite features on Google search results.

What are SERP Features?

SERP stands for the expression Search Engine Results sheet is the returned results sheet generated by a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) when a user performs a search query. SERP not only helps your website get a high position on Google rankings but also provides useful information to people quickly.

The results returned on the SERP will be divided into two types:

  • Organic SERP Listings: Are the natural results returned based on Search Engine algorithms.
  • Paid SERP Listings (Paid Search Results): Are the paid results displayed by paying search engines to be in high positions.

So expensive readerswonder how the SERP will show up on the search rankings? The results returned from the SERP will generally be displayed including 3 parts:

  1. Title – Website title
  2. Meta Description – Description of the website
  3. URL – Link to the displayed web sheet

In addition, SERP also returns results related to Images, Videos, News, Blogs, suitable for the user’s information search purposes. There are other search displays for SERPs than simply returning information from web pages related to a user’s search query.

24 Most favorite SERP Features 2022

1. SERP – Features Snippets

Features Snippets (Featured Snippets) will return a concise answer to a specific query, helping users not need to click on specific results but still get information quickly.

SERP Features Concept Snippets
SERP Features Concept Snippets

2. SERP – Local Pack

The Local Pack displays results based on the subject of the query and the geographic location of the searcher. With the results on the SERP of Local Park, expensive readerswill see a Google map with 3 most suitable locations.

If expensive readerslook to see places related to restaurants, the service will often appear in this form.

Local Park results on SERP Features
Local Park results on SERP Features

3. SERP – Reviews

Reviews are user reviews for a trade. The rating scale ranges from 1 star to 5 stars. The more reviews a trade has, the more chances it has to show up directly under the domain na howtomakeof the results.

Review on SERP Features
Review on SERP Features

Sitelinks appear under the Meta Description section of the search results. Sitelinks will link to relevant subdirectories of the site. In case the user does a domain search the SERP feature will show 10 additional sitelinks.

Sitelinks show up on SERP Features
Sitelinks results show on SERP Features


AMP is a form of coding for mobile web pages. AMP pages load faster than regular pages and are easier to browse on mobile devices. AMP also gives your website a chance to get so howtomakespecial SERP features, enjoy appearing in the “Visual tale” section. However, AMP in the current period is no longer favorite.

AMP with SERP Features results
AMP with SERP Features results

6. SERP – Video

When expensive readerssearch for any keyword and Google returns video results, this is called Serp video. The video serp displayed on the serp consists of a thumbnail image and the video link.

SERP Features video display results
Result showing Video SERP Features

The most obvious difference of the featured video Serp compared to the video Serp is that the featured video Serp will be displayed at the top of the Google results sheet, impressing and creating an immediate attraction for users.

Featured Video SERP Features
Result showing Featured Video SERP Features

Video Carousel is a video arranged in a carousel that appears at the top of the search results sheet.

Video Carousel on SERP Features
Video Carousel Results on SERP Features

9. SERP – Image Pack

The Image Pack displays images as a long row that can appear anywhere on the SERP for Organic Results. When expensive readersclick on an image, it will take expensive readersto Google image search instead of a specific web sheet.

Image Pack on SERP Features
Image Pack on SERP Features

10. SERP – Image

Google will return results that are thumbnails that show up alongside other search results.

Result image on SERP Features
Result image on SERP Features

Featured photo SERPs are for mobile searches only. When a user performs a search query, if the image results are deemed more relevant than the text results, Google will display the Featured Image feature at the top of the SERP.

Images that are arranged horizontally in a carousel and are generally displayed at the top of search results are called Image Carousel.

Image Carousel on SERP Features
Image Carousel results on SERP Features

13. SERP – Twitter

The tweets possess directly appeared on the SERPs in Google’s organic results since 2015.

Twitter generally displays the most recent or trending tweets related to the query. They can co howtomakefrom both verified and unverified accounts.

14. SERP – Top Stories

Top Stories are news articles that are closely related to the query the user is searching for. The content of Top Stories is exploited from reputable press websites and websites and often displays in the upper half of the SERP.

Top Stories on SERP Features
Results showing Top Stories on SERP Features

People Also investigate are questions that numerous users are searching for, displayed on the SERP as a drop-below list.

16. SERP – Quick Reply

Quick reply is a short and instant answer to a searcher’s query proper on the SERP. These answers are sourced from the Google Knowledge Graph.

17. SERP – Knowledge Panel

The Knowledge Panel will provide background knowledge on a topic, put, etc. that appears on the proper side of the SERP. The Knowledge Panel is driven from human-edited sources, for example Wikipedia.

Knowledge Panel on SERP Features
Information sheet on SERP Features

18. SERP – Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions related to specific keywords and showing for a specific organic search result. When the user clicks on each question, the corresponding answers will appear.

Question results on SERP Features
SERP Features FAQ results

19. SERP – Shopping ads

In fact, this is an advertisement, not a SERP feature, the product displayed will include an image and a selling price.

20. SERP – Adwords Top

To get displayed in Adwords Top expensive readershave to pay Google, so this is not a natural SERP feature.

21. SERP – The Ultimate Adwords

The final Adwords is the type of ads that will be displayed at the top bottom of the search results sheet, and it only has a maximum of 3 ads.

The work search will display a series of listings of available jobs including work titles, recruitment companies, etc.

Job postings on SERP Features
work posting results returned on SERP Features

23. SERP – Flight

With SERP – Flights will collect information and data from Google Flights and then show users information about flight date, time, number of transfers and fares.

24. SERP – Hotel Pack

Hotel Pack displays a “pack” of hotel results relevant to the user’s search query. So howtomakeinformation about the hotel includes: price, rating, support to check availability…

Hotel Park on SERP Features
Result Hotel Park SERP Features

Research SERP Features using SEMrush

SEMrush has a fairly user-friendly interface, after Ahrefs raised the selling price, numerous SEO brothers and sisters found numerous other tools with better costs and SEMrush is a extremely favorite tool for SEOs. now. And in this article howtomakewill show expensive readershow SEMrush tool will assist expensive readersin researching and optimizing SERP Features!

Location tracking

Position tracking makes it possible for expensive readersto identify the Featured Snippets your site occupies and gains and loses over time.

Rankings Overview SEMrush with SERP Features results
Rankings Overview SEMrush results with SERP Features


Sensors assist expensive readerssee which SERP features are most visible in your niche.

Location Report

Here expensive readersenter the website domain na howtomaketo discover the keyword to activate the feature and the domain na howtomaketo rank for. And here’s how the SERP Features utility in the report’s Overview tab:

Report SEMrush position on SERP Features
Report SEMrush position on SERP Features

Keyword magic tool

Keyword Magic Tool – Filter your keyword research using SERP features.

Keyword Magic Tool SEMrush shows SERP Features
SEMrush’s Magic Keyword Tool Shows SERP Features

Keyword Difficulty Tool

Keyword Difficulty Tool – Shows the diverse SERP Features that a specific keyword activates.

SERP Features Keyword Diffculty SEMrush
SERP Features in Keyword Diffculty SEMrush

On-sheet SEO check

Check SEO with SEMrush SERP Features
Check SEO with SEMrush SERP Features

So howtomakehave introduced to expensive readersthe favorite SERP Features today. howtomakehope that with my sharing above, it will assist expensive readersunderstand What is SERP Features?favorite SERP Features and ways to research and optimize for better SERPs.


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