New 2022 Porsche 718 Spyder RS spotted testing | Auto Express | car magazine

New 2022 Porsche 718 Spyder RS spotted testing | Auto Express | car magazine



The Cayman GT4 RS is set to get a convertible sibling, with Porsche seemingly developing a new 718 Spyder RS. 

Spotted testing on the Nurburgring, we can see so howtomaketelltale signs of an RS performance version coming to the 718 Spyder. 

The front looks similar to the current car but at the side we see 20-inch forged magnesium middle-lock wheels lifted from the GT4 RS sitting over so howtomakemassive brakes. There are also new top-mount air intakes for the mid-mounted engine. On the GT4 RS, the intakes are integrated into the rear side window, but the fabric convertible roof of the Spyder means they possess to sit further back. If the GT4 RS is anything to go by, the original side intakes will be repurposed for cooling purposes. 

At the rear of this prototype, the diffuser and twin exhaust set-up remains the sa howtomakeas the standard 718 Spyder, as does the athletic rear spoiler. The aerodynamic changes caused by the convertible body likely mean we won’t see the use of the huge wing from the GT4 RS.

What will remain is the engine, a 4.0-litre 496bhp flat-six taken from the 911 GT3. Expect a redline of 9,000rpm and a 0-62mph t howtomakehowtomakenot too far off the coupe’s 3.4 seconds. The Spyder should get shut to the 196mph top speed of the Cayman, and will also be available solely with an automatic PDK gearbox. 

Given the GT4 RS was priced from £108,370, we can expect the convertible variant to cost slightly more. With less interference between the driver and the excellent engine, the upcoming Spyder RS may even be the better option. 

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