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The 10 Most Expensive Dishes That Made Us Scream All That Glitters Is Literally Gold!

The 10 Most Expensive Dishes That Made Us Scream All That Glitters Is Literally Gold!

Not all good things in the world are free! Especially when it comes to food, and definitely not the ones that are infused with gold. The latter come with a whopping price tag and have set records across the world. From gold-plated sushi to pizzas topped with gold leafs and flakes, here’s a list of the world’s most expensive dishes infused with gold.

1. The Golden Boy Burger – €5,000 (Rs 4,41,305)

Image Credit: Robbert Jan de Veen, Instagram

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Dutch chef Robbert Jan de Veen of De Daltons diner invented the world’s most expensive burger, The Golden Boy, made with premium ingredients from around the world like gold leaves, saffron, Wagyu beef, Beluga caviar, king crab, Spanish Paleta Iberico, white truffle and English cheddar cheese, among others.

2. The Gold Sushi – $1,800 (Rs 59,577)


Refer: Mama Cozzis Take & Bake Mega Meat Extra Large Pizza

While this isn’t as expensive as the rest on the list, it’s definitely worth a try. The Palace Cappuccino sold at Emirates Palace is a beautiful aromatic coffee topped with gold flakes. This is something coffee lovers should not miss out on their Dubai trip.

6. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake- AED 3,676 (Rs 74,535)


There’s a gold tea as well and it exists IRL! TWG’s Yellow Gold Tea Buds have a special harvesting process involving golden scissors and when the leaves dry up, they are coated with 24-carat gold flakes.

9. Gold Chocolate Bar – $1,600 (Rs 1,19,174)

Image Credit: _chinangi_, Instagram

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Refer: Some of the Most Expensive Seafood Dishes in the World!

Did you know Cadbury makes a gold chocolate bar which is the world’s most expensive one yet? Their Wispa chocolate bar covered in gold leaf wrapper will surely burn a hole in your pocket.

10. Gold Leaf Macarons – $100 (Rs 7,448)

Image Credit: _chinangi_, Instagram

Back in 2009, Marni-Laduree’s special gold-covered macaroons created a buzz for their lavishness, and rightly so. Each macaroon was covered with gold sheets keeping all the luxury ingredients intact.

Lead Image Credit: Priyanka Chopra, Instagram and iStock

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