How to Use Google Classroom in 2019

How to Use Google Classroom in 2019

Why Google Classroom?

It’s hard to believe Google Classroom was only launched in 2014. It’s such a central part of how I organize class materials and use education technology in my classes today that I can’t imagine teaching without it.

When I first started using Google Classroom, I only really used it to post extra copies of assignments for students. Now, as I’ve learned more about the utility of digital classrooms, it has become indispensable resource that my students and I use on a daily basis. The main ways I use it are to:

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  • link to other education technology software programs
  • organize all class assignments in a central location
  • facilitate online student discussions
  • post additional resources (videos, tutorials, other websites)
  • grade assignments
  • communicating with families.

1. Education Technology Hub

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If you’re planning on using technology in class it’s important to be able to direct students to one location where they can access all of the other programs you are using in class. Rather than directing students to various websites and expecting them to remember the url addresses when they work on assignments outside of class, post links to outside programs directly to Google Classroom. Each year more education technology companies offer embedded syncing with Classroom, further demonstrating why Google Classroom is an excellent choice to use as your home base.

2. Organization System

Gone are the days when a lost paper means a lost assignment. With Google Classroom, you can post copies of every assignment you hand out in class. Students can complete assignments and turn them in directly through Google Classroom, or simply print off extra copies of assignments they accidentally misplace or didn’t get due to absence.

3. Student Discussions

Google Classroom is one of a handful of places I have students engage in online discussions about different topics. Students can easily see their classmates’ answers to questions I post and respond. Students can also initiate their own discussions by posting comments or questions, to which other students, or the teacher, can respond.

4. Additional Resources

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One of the primary ways I use Google Classroom is as a means to give additional resources to students. Whether I want to post text sets, links to other websites, video tutorials, or useful videos, I always push out resources through Google Classroom.

5. Grading Assignments

If students submit work through Google Classroom, which I have students do for some assignments, but not all, Classroom has several features that will save you time on grading. One of the most important is the pre-created commenting function that allows you to repeat the same comment over and over across assignments. For example, if you want to indicate that a student made a “subject-verb agreement error,” you can simply select and insert that comment with two clicks.

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6. Family Communication

When you upload all assignments to your digital classroom, parents can easily see what you’ve assigned, watch the tutorials you’ve created, see the resources you’ve posted, etc. You can even sign up parents separately so that they are notified when assignments are due (or not turned in). Yet another example of why education technology is important, and how it can help teachers deepen the school to home connection.

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