Duc Tung LED specializes in installing composite LCD screens in Hanoi | Peak Review | top review
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Duc Tung LED specializes in installing composite LCD screens in Hanoi | Peak Review | top review



Duc Tung LED is proud to be a trustworthy companion of Vietnamese businesses. We specialize in providing high-quality composite LCD screens of various sizes – shapes with competitive quotes in the market, conveying impressive and majestic messages without limits.

Genuine composite LCD screen system – effective and impressive presentation solution

Depending on the purpose of trade use when choosing a 47-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch LCD video wall, Duc Tung LED provides LCD video wall enjoy Samsung, LG, etc.

These LCD monitors are paired with each other from 1.5 to 3.5mm to form a large screen size while ensuring sharpness and high image quality. LCD video wall is widely applied in bars, karaoke, theaters, commercial centers, advertising and public trade halls, etc.

Nowadays, the LCD video wall market has beco howtomakeeasier and more flexible with numerous diverse applications pre-set by Duc Tung LED for users such as video wall. This helps businesses optimize space use and better control.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD Monitors:

An LCD monitor (liquid crystal display) is a type of flat panel display that uses the light modulation properties of liquid crystals to display images. Each LCD pixel consists of a layer of liquid crystal molecules combined between two transparent electrodes. Along with that are two polarizing filters. When an electric field is applied, the liquid crystal twists or orients to permit light to pass through. Create color/monochro howtomakeimages.

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Advantages of compound LCD screen:

    LCD screens can reach a minimum resolution of Full HD to 4K, 8K is extremely clear, thanks to high pixels or PP howtomake(pixels per inch). Due to the high pixel density, the LCD screen produces images with a brightness of 500CD/㎡, a contrast ratio of 4000:1.

    Customers own the liberty to design their own designs with liberty, thanks to the pivoting mounting system. Versatility and compatibility features make it possible to join entire brilliant digital displays, regardless of model, size, resolution, or bezel size (thin, thick, or borderless). So users can customize their own screens with unique shapes to suit each architectural style and unique taste.

    With sustained performance 24/7 with long life, convenient remote control interface and luxurious, impressive, user-friendly design, simple to install, video wall has been and is becoming a brilliant, cost-effective choice in streaming content to customers.

    The ultra-thin bezel video wall creates an impressive space for meeting rooms, security observation rooms or providing information and public services at airports, train stations, hospitals, securities exchanges. securities, banks… In addition, hotels, restaurants, trade centers, … are also suitable places for large screens to advertise, post service information…

Disadvantages of LCD Monitor:

    Poor water resistance.

    Installation requires a highly technical team and a lot of experience in construction and installation of composite LCD screens.

    The seam between the screens is conspicuous, less subtle than the LED screen.

Duc Tung LED specializes in construction and installation of composite LCD screens

In order to facilitate the construction and installation of the LCD panel, customers need to identify so howtomakenotes as follows:

    Dimensions, installation and installation overview: It is necessary to provide the exact width, height and depth of the installation space. Duc Tung LED proposes to use 2×2 or 3×3 sizes for simple LCD screen systems, more affordable, easier to install and maintain when the row and column structure is equal.

    The installation of the mounting bracket may affect the concrete, so Duc Tung LED will advise on the need to consider the steel frame, hanging from the ceiling, standing on the floor or moving depending on the customer’s purpose.

    VESA standard mounting screw position allows for clearance around the perimeter.

    Power and data playback: generally an additional HDM howtomaketo ethernet extender or a dedicated HDM howtomakecable will be required.

    Datapath’s controller is rated by Duc Tung LED as the first choice when controlling and managing input – output of the screen.

After the installation is finish, the team at Duc Tung LED will check and test the system to ensure that entire operations are trouble-free.

Duc Tung LED is a unit specializing in supply and construction install LED screen in Hanoi prestige, quality and professionalism nationwide. For advice and guidance on choosing the proper form of advertising for LCD and LED screens, do not hesitate to contact us via:

    Address: No. 15, Alley 3 Nhan Hoa, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hano howtomakeCity
    Website: manhinhledductung.com
    Phone number: 0977.48.1505 (Mr. Tung)


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