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For decades, Rain-X has been a household name, helping drivers to “outsmart the elements”. Since the 1972 inception of their original hydrophobic silicone polymer used to repel water from windshields, Rain-X has gone on to provide exceptional products to the automotive industry. Today, Rain-X is known not only for glass and windshield treatments, but also […]

How to Restore Your Headlights and Make Them Shine Like New

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Headlights are the most important things to keep clean on your car. Not only do these powerful beams let you see the road, they let other motorists see you. Most headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic. This strong plastic is perfect for taking on harsh road conditions without breaking, which you definitely want, but […]

Easy car stunts everyone can do

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Exploring a car’s limits isn’t something one should do on public roads, not only because it’s illegal but also because it is unsafe. So while that is confined to a private space or a race-track but do you actually need a sportscar to have fun in? We try to find the answer to that, with […]

Best Apple CarPlay head unit car stereos for 2022

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If you – like many people today – are streaming music in the car through your phone, you better hope that your car offers Bluetooth connectivity. Otherwise, you’ll be messing with wires, FM transmitters and maybe even a tape deck. If that’s the case and you want to make your music process seamless when you […]

How do i become a professional driver?

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If you’re an ambitious young person who dreams of becoming a professional racing driver, the path to success is far from clear. You’ve seen the pros do it on TV or even live at the track. But how can you gain the skills and the experience to take the first step on that path yourself? […]

How to drive a race car

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After spending a lifetime driving as fast as possible for a living as well as operating a racing school for the past several years, I guess I am qualified to provide my opinion on this. Technique We spend a lot of time in our school ensuring that our drivers learn the importance of technique in […]

Dont Fall For These Fake Car Life Hacks

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Don’t Fall For These Fake Car Life Hacks October 30, 2019 | Author: Turn Key Automotive | No comments | Categories: Vehicle Maintenance Sandpaper under your windshield wipers, replacing blinker fluid, screws in tires for traction… These fake life hacks for your car are pretty funny, but very dangerous and should never be attempted. Let’s […]

How To Negotiate Car Prices

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The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with supply chain disruptions have driven auto prices sky-high, making it all the more important to try and negotiate for a more affordable price. Consumer prices for new and used vehicles are expected to remain at their current high levels for all of 2022 before returning to some semblance of normalcy. […]

How can i make my car look luxurious?

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There are steps that can be taken to transform nearly any vehicle so that it gets a luxurious feel. If you already found the best front and rear bumper protectors for your Tesla Model Y or took advantage of the benefits of auto door jamb protectors, the next thing to do is make your car […]

Formula Single Seater Experience

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How can you start a car with a bad starter?

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Let’s say you’re running late for work. You sprint to your car and try to turn on the ignition system, but your car won’t budge. Chances are that your starter is acting up. But don’t worry, you can do something about it! As a car driver, knowing how to start a car with a bad […]

What do i need to bring to my first driving lesson?

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Excited. Nervous. A mixture of the two? However you’re feeling about your first in-car driving lesson, it might help to have an idea of what to expect. We can help with that. Here are ten things that are likely to happen during your very first in-car driving lesson. What to Expect for Your First Driving […]