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LimeLife Vocabulary Terms

IBG-International Beauty Guide

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Activated: When a Beauty Guide-in-Training reaches $1,000 in retail sales, they will be immediately recognized as Activated and advanced to the rank of Beauty Guide.

Active: A Beauty Guide is considered “Active” in a calendar month in which he or she maintains a minimum personal sales volume (including Beauty Show sales, Shine On Program member sales and any products purchased for personal use) of $300 PRV during that month.

Basic Starter Kit: Sometimes referred to as Business Kit. This kit contains the tools, brochures, manuals, and application forms relative to the LimeLight by Alcone business.

Bonus: Not to be confused with Commission. This is the remuneration that is based on the assigned Bonus Value of sales volume of others, downline of the payee, in accordance with the respective provisions of the Compensation Plan.

Bonus Qualified: You are bonus qualified when you are a Beauty Guide in good standing and have met the minimum personal sales requirements to be considered “Active” for the applicable pay period.

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Bonus Value (BV): Bonus Value is assigned to each product sold by a Beauty Guide for the purpose of calculating the appropriate revenue share based on the rules of the compensation plan. Each LimeLight by Alcone product carries an assigned BV that is usually 70% of Suggested Retail Price (SRP). However, some lower profit margin products may be assigned a different BV rate, so they can be supported by the compensation plan. Typically, products have a BV equal to 70% of their SRP.

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Commission: Although it is often taken as a discount against the SRP and therefore shows up as the Beauty Guide’s gross profit on the sale, the amount of money that a Beauty Guide earns when a product is sold at retail to a customer is considered to be Commission. This should not to be mistaken as a Bonus. Some other companies refer to bonuses as commissions. It is important to understand the difference.

Company: The LimeLight by Alcone corporate or home office.

Compensation Plan: Sometimes erroneously called the “Marketing Plan,” the compensation plan is actually only one part of the company’s overall marketing plan. The compensation plan is the company’s official set of definitions and performance requirements, as published in LimeLight by Alcone Beauty Guide Manual, by which it pays Beauty Guides.

Downline: Those people directly sponsored by a Beauty Guide, plus all the people whose line of sponsorship resulted from and came through that Beauty Guide. Your Downline consists of all Beauty Guides on your Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and so on to infinite depth in each Line.

Enroll: To sign and submit a Beauty Guide Application and Agreement form to LimeLight by Alcone for the purpose of becoming a Beauty Guide for the company.

Enrollee: An enrolling or newly enrolled Beauty Guide.

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Enroller: A LimeLight by Alcone Beauty Guide who introduces an enrollee to the opportunity, explains the program, assists in the enrollment, and provides preliminary training to the enrollee.

Enroller Bonus: When you enroll a new Beauty Guide, as the qualified Enroller, you will receive a special 5% BV Enroller Bonus on any direct Enrollee’s Personal BV as long as you are personally “Active.” (Note: The Enroller Bonus is for Direct Enrollees only and is not subject to compression)

(See definition of “Compression.”)

Personal Retail Value (PRV): The total retail value (based on SRP) of all products purchased by you or sold by you to your retail customers (including Shine On Program members), whether in a Beauty Show, individually or online, during a given pay period is your “Personal Retail Value” for that pay period. Your monthly PRV is one factor determining the rate of Enhanced Commissions you are entitled to receive. All commissions are calculated on the basis of PRV.

Rank: As you meet certain performance criteria (as defined in this Career and Compensation Plan), you will earn progressive title designations known as “ranks.” As you move to higher ranks, you will become eligible to receive increased levels of bonus participation. You will carry the title of the highest rank you reach for at least six months, but are paid at the rank for which you qualify each month. If you fail to meet the maintenance requirements for your rank for a period of six months, you will be re-titled at the highest lower rank for which you have been qualified (“Paid As”) during that period.

Upline: The term “upline” refers to that portion of either your Enroller or Sponsor genealogy that precedes you. Your upline consists of the Beauty Guide who is your Enroller and/or Sponsor, and her Enroller and/or Sponsor, and her Enroller and/or Sponsor, etc., all the way to the Company.

(See also “Enroller” and “Sponsor.”)

Wholesale Price: All LimeLight by Alcone products have a Suggested Retail Price and may be purchased by Beauty Guides at a “Wholesale” price that is 20% less than the SRP. This difference between the SRP and the Wholesale price may either be taken as a discount or received as a rebate, depending on how the funds are received by the company, and is called a commission.

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