8 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Chrono Cross | how to download app

8 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Chrono Cross | how to download app



The original PlayStation was home to some of the most heralded RPGs of entire time, and few are as beloved as Chrono Cross. A successor to the Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger, the game is so well regarded that it received a modern remaster, known as the Radical Dreamers Edition.

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Chrono Cross is known for its intriguing narrative, the density of its world, and the massive selection of characters available to recruit to your party as you progress. With so numerous new players experiencing the game for the first time, it’s simple for numerous to miss out on some of the game’s more well-hidden features. Here are a few things you may possess missed.


8 Adding Leena To Your Party

Leena is one of the most significant characters that the game introduces, setting her up as main character Serge’s love interest fairly early on. After a few in-game events your adventure truly begins, and you’ll also meet Kid, a fairly rambunctious young lady who offers to join your party.

Instinct will tell most players to accept Kid’s request to be recruited, but denying her will permit Leena to join your group instead. If you miss this chance, Leena will be unable to join your group this playthrough. Even more frustrating for those who’ve missed Leena is the fact that Kid will still join your party later below the line, meaning that denying her initial request is the only way to recruit both characters.

7 Skelly’s Bones

As you set out on your journey across the continent, you’ll come across a group of knights guarding a large dragon skeleton in the Fossil Valley area. At first, you’ll be told the area is off-limits, but talking to the proper guard will permit you to convince them that you’re the exorcist they’d requested. They’ll permit you access to the skeleton, believing it to be possessed by a ghost.

The ‘ghost’ in question turns out to be the disembodied head of Skelly, a skeletal clown character that you can recruit to your party. Skelly asks you to assist him track below the six bones that make up his physical form, which is a task in and of itself, but missing this initial meeting can prevent the discovery of the side quest altogether.

6 The Three Options At Viper Manor

One of the earliest tasks you possess in the game is breaking into Viper Manor. This highly guarded fortress requires a bit of finesse to infiltrate, and your conclude goal will vary depending on what route you take before setting out for the fortress. For this quest, you’re capable to recruit one of three party members, each of whom possess their own goals inside the manor.

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Nikki, the rock star seen on the posters hanging around the town of Termina, wishes to save his sister. Guile, a magician that you can meet at a bar in town, is looking to prove that he can break into the seemingly impenetrable manor. Finally, the swordsman Pierre is hoping to prove his merit as a knight, by joining the Acadia Dragoons who occupy the manor. No matter which individual you select to recruit, you’ll be locked out of adding the other two to your party on this playthrough.

5 Another Decision To Make About Kid

Through the events that take put at Viper Manor, Kid is badly poisoned, with the local doctor claiming that her time to live is extremely limited. numerous players will immediately set off to save her, but you do possess an option here as well.

When Korcha asks you what you plan to do in response to the situation, you can select to tell him that you’ll discover a way to save her, or you can tell him you don’t know. Each choice leads you below a diverse path, and on each of those paths are three characters that can only be recruited by choosing the appropriate course of action.

4 Razzly’s Level 7 Tech

Razzly is a diminutive fairy who can be recruited if you select to save Kid from her fate. You’ll discover her on your quest through the Hydra Marshes, locked in a cage that is being threatened by a large, imposing plant creature. If you fail to run to her cage in time, Razzly will be eaten by the beast.

Even if you manage to reach her, however, you can still be locked out of certain storylines depending on the way you proceed. After defeating the large plant monster, Razzly will join your party, but it’s significant that you don’t add her to your current lineup of characters as you proceed through the marsh if you desire her Level 7 tech. If Razzly is present during the area’s final boss fight, you’ll be unable to finish that specific quest line in your current playthrough.

3 Rainbow Weapons

Rainbow Weapons are the most powerful weapon type that you can acquire in the game, as hinted at by the wife of Zappa, the blacksmith in Termina. These are extremely useful as you progress through the game, but there are numerous instances where you can bar yourself from being capable to acquire any of them.

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The first step toward acquiring Rainbow Weapons is to recruit Zappa himself, since he’s the one who can craft them for you. You’ll also need to restore your world’s version of Marbule, land of the demi-humans. Without completing these steps, you’ll be unable to obtain some of the game’s best equipment.

2 The Dead Sea Items

The Dead Sea is an ominous location tied to your home world’s potential future ruin. This entire section of the game will be barred for the relax of your playthrough after you defeat its main boss, preventing you from collecting any of the additional items there.

If you possess either Doc or Pierre as a part of your team, you’ll desire to be thorough and cautious as you traverse the Dead Sea. Both characters will need items located in the area in order to obtain their Level 7 techs — the Prop Sword for Pierre, and the Medical Book for Doc.

1 The Elemental Plates

The elemental plates are rare but extremely useful items that can be completely missed if you’re not aware of where to acquire them. They permit you to absorb the energy of the respective elements corresponding to them, which gives you a major advantage in combat.

When battling against the six Elemental Dragons, you’ll need to Pillage each of them. The Dragons each hold one respective plate, corresponding to their elemental typing. Though stealing from enemies can be hit or miss in Chrono Cross, the effort is most certainly worth it.

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